Maandag 18 februari 2019

nu verkrijgbaar: Stereo Box S-2 Bluetooth:

Two separate line level inputs connect to two sources via the RCA plugs, additionally one wireless aptX Bluetooth input is available for all modern sources. This makes the new Pro-Ject Stereo Box S2 BT the most modern audiophile integrated amplifier within its pricerange! With its tiny formfactor it fits into every environment and the stylish silver or black full aluminium/metal casing is sure to be a great match for any interior. The solid casing not only looks gorgeous but also protects against vibrations and unwanted interferences. For superior convenience Stereo Box S2 BT is fully remoteable, switch inputs and control the volume with the ease of pushing one button!

Technische gegevens:
Uitgangsvermogen: 2 x 34W / 43W @ 8 / 4 ohms (beide kanalen)
Frequentie bereik: 20Hz - 20kHz (+ 0dB, - 0,5dB)
Kanaal scheiding: > 40dB @ 20kHz
Signaal ruis verhouding: 76dB (IEC -A)
Totale Harmonische Vervorming: < 0,05% @ 10 Watt
Ingangen (lijn niveau): 2 x RCA (+ 1 x Bluetooth)
Ingangs impedantie: 20k ohm
Variabele uitgang: 3.5mm jack
Power supply 20V/3A DC 100 - 240V, 50/60Hz
Afmetingen: B x H x D 103 x 37 x 125mm
Gewicht: 390g (zonder externe voeding)

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