Maandag 18 februari 2019

nieuw: Tube Box S-2:

Innovative miniature sized phono preamplifier with tube output and high end sound!
Tube Box S2 is our very first product to feature a fully discreet circuit design without using any operational amplifiers (OpAmps). It also is the first product to come with replaceable tubes for tube rolling and sound-shaping.
This gives the customer many options to pick from and alter the sound signature to his preference. Tube Box S2 will give a full and relaxed laid back sound with lush mids, just like you would expect it from a much bigger high end tube phono pre-amplifier. It offers support for both MM and MC cartridges and comes with many gain settings to be switched on the front panel.
Five variable input impedance settings are available to adjust to any MM cartridge, the 47k ohms input impedance setting is fixed and suited for high output MC cartridges.
The aluminium/metal casing is adapted to our DS2 line in looks and protects against vibrations and electromagnetic interferences for superior sound.

Geschikt voor MM en MC elementen
Precisie RIAA equalisatie in twee delen, passief en actief
Geheel discreet ontwerp zonder gebruik van OpAmps
2x ECC83 buizen
Subsonic filter in- en uitschakelbaar op front
Versterking bedienbaar op front
Ultra low noise circuit met FET ingangs schakeling
Dual mono circuit voor optimale kanaalscheiding
Polystyrene condensatoren in signaalweg en voeding
Gold-plated RCA in en uitgangsaansluitingen
Externe voedingsadapter en meerdere interne voedings schakelingen/buffers
Zeer schone hoogspannings voedingsbuffer voor buisschakeling
Sandwich alu/metalen behuizing beschermt tegen trillingen en elektromagnetische interferentie.
Verkrijgbaar in zilver of zwart

Technische gegevens:
Buizenbezetting: 2x ECC83 (12AX7)
Ingangs impedantie: 10/100/470/1k/2k ohm (MC), fixed 47k ohm (MM)
Capaciteiten (MM): 50 / 150 / 270 / 370 / 490 / 590 pF
Versterking: MM / MC: 40 / 43 / 50 / 60 / 63 dB
Signaal ruis verhouding: 77dBA
THD+N: < 0,0025%
RIAA curve nauwkeurigheid: +/- 0,4dB/20Hz - 20kHz
Subsonic filter: 20Hz @ 12dB/octave
In- uitgangen: 1x RCA / 1x RCA
Afmetingen: BxHxD 103 x 37 x 119 mm

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