Maandag 18 februari 2019

Essential 3 Sgt. Peppers Lonely hearts Club Band:

In 1967 The Beatles introduced the world to their masterpiece „Sgt. Pepper‘s Lonely Hearts Club Band“. In honor of the 50th anniversary, we are releasing another, not limited, turntable in honor of this special event! The Essential III Sgt. Pepper‘s Drum, which has all the great advantages of Essential III, but brings an outstandingly designed chassis and an acrylic platter for even better sound! Its blue body with the remarkable Sgt. Pepper Logo, which can be seen in bass drum of the original album cover, is sure to become an eyecatcher in every room it is placed in. The beautiful logo is visible through the matte acrylic platter.

> Snaar aangedreven dmv synchroon motor met geintergreerde quartz sturing
> Diamond cut aluminium motor poelie
> Chassis vervaardigt van 18mm resonantie-arm MDF
> Wordt geleverd inclusief Acryl-it E draaiplateau
> Plateaulager met zeer nauwe tolerantie en roestvrij-stalen plateau-as
> 8,6” aluminium toonarm met saphieren lagers
> Ingebouwd en afgesteld Ortofon OM10 element
> Hoge kwaliteit semi-gebalanceerde Connect it E phono interconnect kabel met gold-plated RCA connectoren meegeleverd
> Speciale rubberen voetjes voor optimale ontkoppeling
> Stofkap inbegrepen

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